Magvent Dirt & Magnetite Separator

Magnetite Sludge and Dirt Removal from Heating / Chilled Water Systems

Magnetite Sludge and Dirt in heating and chilled water systems can be the cause of major problems such as pump failure, corrosion and energy loss.

The Magvent (MAGCVD) is used to remove Magnetite Sludge and Dirt. Installed on the return pipe in the system the Magvent (MAGCVD) will eliminate all types of dirt particles from heating and chilled water systems.

Problems arising with Dirt and Magnetite in water systems

Magnetite, Dirt and Sludge can be the cause of major problems such as pump failure, corrosion and energy loss in Heating & Chilled Water Systems.

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The Solution

The Magvent removes Magnetite, Dirt and Sludge . Installed on the return pipe in the system the Magvent will eliminate all types of Magnetite, Dirt and Sludge from heating and chilled water systems down to 5 micron and less.

Features and Benefits

  • High-gauss magnetic rod installed to remove all magnetite in the water system.
  • Greatly reduced commissioning times after initial fill.
  • Longer system life (through dirt elimination)
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Maximum Temperature. 110 °c. Higher temperature units available on request.
  • Tested to 21 bar
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Large collector ensures that flushing is only required now and then
  • Can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)
  • An internal stainless steel concentrator to aid removal of dirt.
  • Smooth surfaces with Stainless Steel lead to lower friction 
  • Stainless will not degrade in service thanks to its excellent resistance to corrosion. 
  • Stainless Steel is extensively more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides than carbon steel. Therefore Stainless Steels are not contributing to oxidation, sludge's etc.;
  • Thermal properties of stainless steel. They are far superior to iron or carbon steel.
  • Maximum flow rate up to 3m/sec

Stainless Steel; Safe, Clean, Efficient and Hygienic

    • Stainless is highly resistant against micro bacteria attacks plus lower bacteria colonization.
    • Hygienic and cleanable material (Smooth surface internally & externally). Due to their very high passive film (protecting the surface).
    • Lower adhesion of deposits (dirt and sludge) with the smooth internals of Stainless steels. Sludge & magnetite is washed / removed from the collection chamber far easier than the inferior iron/carbon steel.
    • Stability, Stainless Steel is basically inert in waters. Leaching of alloying elements is within safe limits. As a result, they provide better quality water. No turbidity problems. All resulting in less bacterial slime, low energy consumption, low cleaning costs, good for conveying wet solids. 
    • Excellent durability and abrasion resistance, as Stainless Steels are resistant to crevice corrosion, cavitations and wear in pure and polluted waters as well as in atmosphere (even polluted), they are cost effective for long term use and do not cause environmental pollution.


The Magvent requires no special commissioning.

Maintenance - Removing & cleaning the Magnetic rod

Isolating valves should be installed either side of the connecting flanges on the unit. Close the two isolating valves. Secondly open the ball valve located on the bottom of the unit or the fast bleed valve. Care should be taken as the water may be very hot. Then remove the bolts located on the single front blank flange. Then remove the blank flange with the magnate attached. Extreme care should be taken at this point as the magnate is very powerful.

Remove all attached debris on the magnetite. Once the magnate is clean and free from debris please re-insert into the main body of the unit. Tighten all bolts on the flange; close all valves on the unit. Open the two isolating valves (slowly) and check for leaks (around the gasket on the blank flange).

Maintenance will be required to remove trapped Dirt and Sludge. Opening the ball valve at the bottom of the unit will flush out non magnetic dirt and sludge; The valve may be opened while the system is under pressure.

Magnetite is removed by removing and cleaning the magnet.
Scalding is a danger at high pressures and temperatures. Ensure that the water is safely piped to drain before opening the valve.

The system pressure will flush the dirt out. Leave the valve open until the collected dirt has been flushed out; repeat this operation every few days.

Once the water is clear it may be possible to drain every 6 months or so depending on the size and age of the system.
Dirt separators can only remove Magnetite, Dirt and Sludge that is circulating.


All flanges are drilled to BS 4504 PN16 as standard. Other flange rating are available on request.

Drain valve

All models are supplied with a ball valve for draining the collected dirt and sludge.

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