Clear Advantage of Stainless over Carbon Steel

  • Extensively more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides, therefore NO contribution to sludge and aeration.
  • Increased oxygen through aeration causes carbon steel to corrode, however stainless steel will NOT corrode.
  • Smooth stainless surfaces offer low adhesion of deposits and therefore sludge and magnetite is easily washed and removed 100%.
  • Stainless is inert in water offering better quality water resulting in minimal bacterial slime, low energy consumption and low cleaning costs.

Reduced Lifecycle Costs

Magvent & Cleanvent have a longer life and a resistance to corrosion offering limited degradation in service, there is therefore reduced downtime and little costs required for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Lighter Weight

There is approx 40% reduction in the product weight, giving improved handling, easier installation and reduced health and safety issues.

Environmentally Friendly & 100% Recyclable

The Stainless products have hygienic properties which reduce micro bacteria and also have very low bacteria colonisation, ensuring an easy cleaning and environmentally friendly product.

Reduced Energy Costs

The smooth surface of the new stainless products give reduced friction and requires less energy to pump the water around the system, reducing utility bills.

British Design & Manufacture

They are manufactured in the heart of the UK with over 100 years heritage working with stainless steel.

10 Year Warranty

As stainless steel does not corrode like mild steel in other products on the market, we are able to offer a full 10 Years Warranty on ALL of our stainless steel products.

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